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  • Abhishek Bhatta

Why is data the most powerful weapon in today’s digital age?

‘Data is Information and Information is power’ -Radi, Data analyst at CENTOGENE

Data as a weapon is the strongest tool that can be used against one another in the current technology-driven world. Data Breach - one of the biggest security incidents is the cause of unauthorized information access in the network leading to the most common cyber attacks such as Credential Stuffing and Brute-force attacks.

Credential stuffing is a widely used cyber-attack in which the credentials that are obtained from a data breach are used to attempt logging into other services. Due to the availability of massive lists of breached credentials being traded and sold in the black market, credential stuffing has been widespread. Even though credential stuffing has an extremely low success rate statistically, given the abundance of available credentials, it is still worthwhile to try.

According to Digital trust and Safety Index Q3 2021, account takeover attacks have increased up to 307% since 2019 costing victim organizations billions of dollars in revenue generation.

Similarly, a Brute force attack is a method of decoding sensitive material that involves trial and error. Here the different combinations of passwords and keys are used to get the right credentials for a successful login. Common targets for brute force attacks are passwords, API keys, and SSH logins. These attack techniques are relatively simple to conduct compared to other forms of cracking methods. These attacks are often carried out using bots or scripts that target login forms in web applications.

With the exponential growth in cyber attacks and data-related frauds, businesses must prioritize security because recovering from these attacks is a greater challenge since it has a huge impact on revenue generation, customer retention, and customer trust.

Training the employees on basic cyber hygiene practices such as maintaining strong passwords or enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) and captchas emphasizes the critical need for data security. Along with it, it is equally essential to have a Strong Credential Monitoring System to reduce risks such as Account Takeover and Data Breaches in the long term.

Stupa’s Corporate Credential Monitoring Platform

Our comprehensive corporate credential monitoring platform constantly monitors billions of account credentials passing through dark markets and criminal forums, looking for the few hidden accounts that might affect the users. The platform does not just locate the stolen credentials but also identifies which leaked usernames and passwords have the greatest potentials to result in corporate damage.

Stupa's Credential Protection as a Service is a high-impact security cloud subscription service which can be deployed in minutes to your customers, and which starts delivering value almost immediately.


Protect your Business, Customers, and People

Powered by Breach Hunters and a Community of Global Security Researchers.

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