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  • Pragya Singh

Measures to take when your account is hacked

"Getting locked out of your own accounts can be stressful and the impact can also extend to affecting your emotional, social, and mental wellbeing. Knowing what to do and how to protect yourself is the key to a safer digital experience."

Digital accounts, whether social media, email, or instant messaging, are vulnerable to credential theft on the internet. Furthermore, poor or lack of cyber hygiene can lead to malware infection, unauthorized access, and/or data loss. An individual losing access to their personal (private) account is a potential sign that they might have fallen victim to a cyber-attack and/or crime.


Attackers’ intention is to remain in control of your account as long as possible to act on their objectives and the first thing they do is block your access. The possibility also does exist whereby an attacker does not block your access but monitor you activities, change security settings on your account, send out false messages or trigger fraudulent transactions from your account and more dubious activities.


Here are six simple tips on what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation:


How To Report:

In Nepal, contact Nepal Police Cyber Bureau

In the UK, contact Action Fraud



  • Treat “Cyber hygiene” as no different to your personal (health) hygiene and remember “Information security goes beyond the office!”

  • Cybersecurity touches your life and the impact on you goes way beyond financial loss.

Use the internet responsibly – Never overshare information - Think before you upload and/or click, and then act!

Contact –

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