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  • Jenisha Magar

Joining hands to bring societal change and overcome the digital divide in the rural parts of Nepal

Stupa Infosec are extremely proud and humbled at the same time to announce our partnership with Technology for All which is a nonprofit organization committed in enabling digital learning centers for underprivileged and marginalized communities in remote, rural areas of Nepal - Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk, Kaski and Tanahun.

Driven by their bold ambition to reduce digital divide their “Hello Hubs” are a community centers with equipped latest technologies powered by Solar energy and unlimited WIFI.

Education is everyone’s right - These online learning centers are designed to provide that unlimited access to wealth of knowledge, information, and learning opportunities beyond geographical boundaries.

This partnership between Stupa Infosec and Technology for All is fueled by a common vision to drive a societal change and work with the communities to trigger an impact at socio-economic growth, mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing.

Linking Infosec to Digital Wellbeing Activism is truly at the heart of our “Vision Beyond Protection”. We are proud to be committing to help Educate, Protect, Motivate and Inspire a safer digital experience to protect these at-risk communities including high number of children that benefit from the “Hello Hubs”.

It is of great privilege to be adding value beyond profit and loss. Our commitment in providing free access to Security Awareness and Training to protect the beneficiary of these valuable communities from being complicit, accomplish or victim of cyber-attack and/or associated crimes.

Technology For All (, is on a mission to provide equitable access to Technology for remote communities of Nepal. The “Hello Hubs” have been built with partnership from Hello World UK.

Stupa Infosec, vision beyond protection, ( is an internationally emerging Information Security Management Practice based in UK & Europe, and Nepal. Established by 2 visionary and ambitious founders with over 30 years of joint experience in radically transforming Information Security and Technology programmes globally.

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