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Webinar - May 5th 2022

Expert Insights into OWASP 2021 Top 3 Vulnerabilities 


  • Current state of application security and its significance in Nepal.

  • Understand OWASP 2021 listed top application vulnerabilities and deep dive into severity and magnitude of their potential impacts.

  • What you need to do to secure your applications.


Thursday, May 5th

4pm NPT (UTC+5:45)


Mr Abhishek Bhatta

Cyber Security Analyst 


Mr Ashish Shrestha

Co-founder of Stupa 


Stupa Infosec is on a purpose-driven mission to use our over 30 years of joint Intellect with an Intention to Influence and Improve the well-being of businesses, people, societies, and communities. Our bold ambition is not driven by a monetary goal, but we are here to challenge the stereotype thinking in Information security. We call it “Linking Information Security to Digital Wellbeing Activism”. 

We believe, think, and operate differently to help you take bold steps from ideation to execution and help navigate across the cyber risk landscape with confidence. With our “Vision Beyond Protection”, we bootstrap Information Security value to your business growth, loyalty, longevity, and stability. We help improve your business value proposition and build enduring brand strength and influence based on trust and authenticity. 

We provide Information Security as a Service and Cyber Security as a Service for businesses without Information Security in an Agile, Accessible and Affordable manner with our consumption-based model. We are a truly practitioner-led business led by experts who have delivered radical security, technology, and digital transformation at a global scale for FTSE and NYSE listed businesses. 

Stupa in Buddhism refers to Enlighten Mindset, Presence, Commitment and Discipline. As Stupa Infosec we are committed to our purpose to Educate, Protect, Motivate and Inspire a safer and secure digital landscape.

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