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Stupa's License 


Stupa Ltd. is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales, under the number12949110

UK ICO Registration Number - ZB024341

20-22 Wenlock Road, London, 

N1 7GU, United Kingdom

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Terms of Use, including its design and content, is provided << as is >>.

We make our best effort and truly believe:

  • that our content is correct and accurate;

  • our website does not infringe any intellectual property right; but

We cannot guarantee it and we cannot be held liable for loss or damages arising from your use of our website.

Anyone can, under its own responsibility and due diligence, use, share or modify freely accessible content found on our website.

We are doing our best to protect you against any intellectual property infringement claims and from inaccuracy of our content. 


We are happy to hear from you if you find any inaccuracy in our content or if it comes to your knowledge that some of our content might be infringing intellectual property rights. 


We will enthusiastically modify our content if to restore accuracy or to come to respect any infringed intellectual property right.

Terms of use

Privacy and Data Protection

We process personal data for the purpose of providing you with our services (including this website). We are the data controller.

We commit to protecting your data at the best standards and guidelines across the industry.

We consider you being a responsible person who has the duty to protect its own data at the source. Please, learn easy cyber hygiene best practices and use free tools to minimize the leakage of your data.

We are following several information security industry standards and frameworks, and Regulatory compliance depending on our needs.

 industry standard. It includes:

  • ISO27001



  • GDPR (UK and EU)

  • CIS Benchmarks

  • SANS Top 20

User is twice at the centre when it comes to cyber hygiene:

  • At the centre of privacy concerns; and

  • At the centre of the data protection strategy.

We are supporting the idea that each user has a great responsibility in protecting its own privacy and shall understand how to easily reduce its digital footprint.

Privacy Policy

Your Rights and Duties

You can at all time withdraw from us the right to use your data. 

You can control the ways we process and protect your personal data by contacting us at

You can raise a complaint before any relevant authority.


You are responsible for your data and it is your duty to maintain an adequate level of cyber hygiene.

Whenever it comes to the protection of your privacy, your personal data you should always be able to exercise these fundamental rights:


  1. To the right to know your information is collected, processed and stored; 

  2. To the right to access data relating to you; and 

  3. To the right to withdraw your consent to use collection, processing and storage of your data.

Third-Party Processing Your Data

We use third-party solutions for the purpose of running our organization and providing our services.


Such solutions may collect, process and store personal data under our control without giving us the opportunity to block such collection, processing and storage of personal data.


In these cases, we have a data processor agreement usually offering standard industry level of protection. See the list of our solution providers.

We aim to tend toward more privacy and data protection. 

However, the supply of easy to deploy cloud-based solutions for running businesses do not necessarily provide the level of protection we wish for. 

This is why we are happy to consider other privacy focus solutions. 

Please, feel to propose alternatives to our data processors using our contact

International Transfers of Personal Data

Because of their immaterial nature, personal data processed by third-party solutions maybe transferred in a different jurisdiction than the one we operate in. 

In any event, we will always consider the applicable jurisdiction for the protection of your personal data to be the one in which you live. 

  • If you live in the European Union, European data protection regulation will apply, if you live in the UK, UK data protection act shall apply.

  • Third-party solution providers tend to apply a level of protection at least as similar to your place of residency. 

  • In these cases, we have a data processor agreement usually offering standard UK Data Protection Act level of protection. See the list of our solution providers.

Data Collection, Processing and Storage

Browsing Data 

What? A unique digital footprint of your online activities and behaviours. 

How do we use? We mainly use browsing data to display, analyse and optimise our website.

Shared with? Browsing data are processed by our website provider (, our internet domain name provider (name and out web development team. 

How long we store? They are kept for the period of time required to manage website functions, optimisation and security and at least for the period of time required applicable by legal obligations.

Contact Data

What? Data you have given us within order to connect with you and usually composed of full name, phone number, email address, social public identifier and postal address. 

How do we use? We collect and use them with your prior agreement for contact purpose only. 

Shared with? Contact data are processed by our email hosting solution (, our domain name provider (, and our staff's devices. 

How long we store? Contact data are accessible by us until we erase them from our system or until you ask us to erase them from our systems. 

Payment Data

What? Data linked to your personal bank account and/or to the mean of payment you are using to purchase from us. 

How do we use? Collected to process activities related to payment, tax purposes and financial management. 

Shared with? Payment data is processed by our email hosting solution, (, our accounting solution (Microsoft excel, Google sheet, or else ), our financial team and our bank and payment processors.

How long we store? At least for the period of time required by applicable law and regulation.


A cookie is data sent from a website and stored on your device. It allows websites to:

  1. Remember you; and 

  2. Record browsing activity.

Our cookies recording capability is limited to browsing activities on our website. We will never track activity out of our domain name. 

Collected data are shared with our website analytic solution provide by

Cookie data is kept for the period of time required to manage website functions, optimisation and security, and at leat for the period of time required by applicable law and regulation. 

Find list of cookies here

Learn more on cookies and how to manage them properly here

Cyber Hygiene 

It is a behaviour that everyone should practice on a daily basis.

It is similar to taking a shower our brushing teeth.

Cyber hygiene is a set of behaviours and reflexes coupled with easy to use tools that dramatically increase the protection of your privacy. 

List of Third Processors 

  • Website:

  • Microsoft 

List - Third Party
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