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Humans Are Central To Your Cyber Defence

Your best shield needs the best security awareness 



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Cyber Security Is An Attitude,
Not A Responsibility

Stupa is proud to partner with Meritec to bring a leading cyber security awareness course that is Conscious, Contextual and Consumable to deliver the desired outcome. Raise awareness and reduce risk by empowering your employees to improve their cyber wellbeing. This course is designed in a simple, easy to consume way that will improve alertness and not human fatigue.

Putting Fun Back Into Information Security

Make cybersecurity awareness, prevention and security practices a part of your business culture from the boardroom to the break room. 


Reduce risks of cyber attacks/ data breach

Easy to use and re-use

Improved individual and corporate awareness

Cost-effective organisation wide pricing

Suitable for everyone 

Factual and actionable


Accessible anywhere 24/7 from any device

User-friendly language

Regularly updated and customised contents in story telling mode

Interactive features to test understanding

No limitation on the number of learners

Customised to your brand

Partnership Statement

"Meritec are delighted to have partnered with Stupa to deliver this unique course on cyber security awareness.  The fresh approach taken to delivering awareness on this increasingly important subject matter fits well with Meritec’s core principle of providing cost-effective digital solutions that deliver wide-ranging benefits to our customers. This course is just the start of what we hope will be a long and fruitful partnership with Stupa as we intend to bring more solutions to our existing and future customers in the very near future"


- Meritec Ltd Director 

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