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Ashish is an industry thought leader with more than 12 years of experience in Information Security and Cyber Risk Management delivering radically transformative security programmes at a global scale - Directing and Executing his own strategy.

Enthused with incredible passion and curiosity, Ashish is a leader who is not afraid to challenge the status quo driven by toxic security - A stereotype thinking and scaremongering to imprison businesses to adopt a "Solution First" approach in strengthening business resilience when it comes to information security and cybersecurity - Entrapping business to tick box strategy, shiny new tool syndrome, and furthermore guarding this status quo in the name of control objective and compliance due diligence with no imagination and creativity.

In contrast, Ashish is a leader with entrepreneurial mindset taking a "Problem First" approach in empowering the business to deliver the value of "Why" do security beyond commodity of industry best practices in technology and security and compliance but putting information security at the heart of helping improve business value proposition, customer experience and satisfaction, business and brand growth, loyalty, longevity, and revenue generation.

Prior to founding Stupa, he has delivered revolutionary transformation in directing a threat intelligence-led - genuine business risk-based strategy in global businesses with $2.7bn in revenue, 16000+ employees, digital and retail landscape and operating in a highly regulated industry that needed to comply with multiple and disparate regulations and technology stacks.

Core Competencies: 

  • Information and Cybersecurity - Strategy Development and Execution

  • Information Risk Management

  • Cyber Program Transformation

  • Capability Maturity Assessment

  • Board Level Engagement

  • Budget and Resource Optimisation

  • Audit and Compliance Management

  • Security Architecture and Engineering

  • Threat Modelling

  • Cyber Risk management

  • Cyber Incident Response and Crisis Management

In his own words, Ashish articulates, "Information security and risk management is like an art. You have to be insightful, inspiring, imaginative and creative to push boundaries - to innovate."

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