We are strong advocate of “Resistance is futile; change is inevitable”.

Stupa is an outcome of the bold ambition to close the cyber skills gap and divide to support SMEs with unbiased, strategic and operational security leadership accessible and available on-demand at fraction of cost of hiring a full-time and conventional security leader. 


The net outcome we deliver 


  1. Inspire and Empower - Maximise business risk reduction & strengthen cyber resilience

  2. Contextualise and Collaborate - Manage Cyber Due Diligence and fulfil Compliance obligations - Regulations, Client, 3rd Parties and other interested bodies

  3. Simplify & Grow - Question the status quo in InfoSec to reduce operational overhead and cost, reduce complexity and support revenue growth and stability

We influence and Enlighten innovations, Empower business value proposition and Evangelise personalised Information Security and Cyber Risk Management strategic framework for the success of your business.

We commodify Information Security and Cyber Risk Management services to make unmatched security expertise accessible for SMEs in a simple consumption-based model but we pride in not being a commodity with our “Vision beyond protection” to help uplift your business and brand confidence and growth.

Our goal is simple - "Triumph beyond adversities" meaning empowering the business and brand value, trust and authenticity to increase value proposition with clients and other interested parties.