Navigating and Accelerating Innovations

Empowering Ideas

Expediting Decision-making


Enlightening Path for our clients to

take bold steps with confidence from ideation to execution.


 Improve desired success rate, longevity and increase the value proposition with our help.

We do this by simplifying, contextualising and optimising  Information Security and Cyber Risk Management for Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises.


Information Security-as-a-Service for Businesses without Information Security

How do we do it?
In a Meeting

Lighting beacons leading to your desired success


We take pride in being a valued resource for your business. We lead and drive your Information and Cybersecurity transformation from strategy to implementation.

With us, it is simple - You Decide. You Choose. We Cater.

And we do it the best way - Your way and within your budget!

Illuminated Stairs

our Vision

Enlighten and simplify revolution in digital landscape

We envision to design and enlighten the future with the entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs, and influence and enable their journey to revolutionise the digital landscape with their ground-breaking innovations.

"Vision Beyond Protection" is what we believe and what we envision. 

our MIssion

Empower Business Value, Trust and Authenticity

We empower increase in your business value proposition through a relationship built on value, trust and authenticity with all stakeholders and matrix of the customer ecosystem

"Making security a worthwhile investment" is what we strive to deliver.

Drone Lens

our Goal

Evangelise personalised Information Security strategy for success

We build a future proof personalised information security strategy tailored for our clients to drive a quantifiable reduction in risk exposure and measure for success for their business

 Operationalise security to enable speed to market, strengthen cyber resilience and support business growth.


From the entire team, we thank you for your insights on security and risk management in digital space and measures that need to be taken to safeguard our interest. We have already put the wheels in motion with confidence to protect ourselves, stakeholders and importantly our clients from these risks in the future. We appreciate your time, which has become a real fruitful one for us. Looking forward to many more fruitful sessions.

- Executive Director | Digital Marketing

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